Our products

Safestuff is a company that focuses on development and creation of products to increase the safety and continuity of road traffic with emphasis on safety.The company has completed the development of SAFESTICK product. The product reacts to bad visibility on traffic roads and is specially modified for police and other safety and protective branches.Safestick is a Smart Tonfa that can compensate for baton and regularly used Tonfa.The company develops a product SAFEROLL. It is a simple device that can visibly and effectively mark parked/defective car.The SAFESTUFF company tries to bring innovative tactics into 21st Century. The products are being completed and made in Slovakia.

Safestick is 5 in 1


Depicts various pictograms and traffic signs


UV control of bank notes, documents and biological material

Compensation of safety rescue hammer

Dazzlement of potential attacker with stroboscopic light

Charging and USB conection