Just be safe

SafeStick- TONFA

What does Safestick do? Depicting of simple traffic icons on traffic roads for the use of transportation, riot and criminal police.In the initial phase of the project development, Safestick was first supposed to be in electronic form to help the public in traffic.After consulting the police branches we extended function of Safestick in the form of Tonfa for multi-purpose use. This product will compensate for:regular baton, telescopic baton, defense sticklight regulated stick for safety and rescue branches, even with regular performance on the job (visible during the day )batteryUV lamprescue hammerstroboscopic taser


All in

The product is light. Regularly used Tonfa is heavy and has only one function.Safestick, apart from protection, can, when needed, temporarily depict vertical traffic signs.USBCompensation of safety rescue hammer.UV control of bank notes, documents and biological material.Depicts various pictograms and traffic signs Dazzlement of potential attacker with stroboscopic light

Show what you want

It compensates for multiple devices on vest or belt . It lightens the professional gear and has wide variety of use during job performance , traffic and safety actions, safety regulations, escorts and traffic regulations 5 in 1.It is fully programmable , the pictures can be implemented via PC and charging is possible directly through vehicle. 

Best tool for safety and rescue branches

After consulting and going through safety conference in Berlin we identified our direct customer- safety branches of state (safety and rescue branches) .Based on interest shown and feedback at the conference we can say the product will be in demand. We assume it will reach worldwide success, that is why we would like to start with our home- Slovakia.

We are ready

Momentarily our company has set production and we can deliver Safestick in amount of thousands. It is a unique product , that will help the safety of public. We will gladly present it in person.